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DW-Redux is a Deadman Wonderland based RP where you live the life of a Deadman fighting to be the Ultimate victor of Carnival Corpse. The Blood Shall Set You Free
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Welcome to DW-Redux, enjoy your stay.

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 Getting Started/DW Guide of Life

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Getting Started/DW Guide of Life Empty
PostSubject: Getting Started/DW Guide of Life   Getting Started/DW Guide of Life EmptyMon Mar 04, 2013 8:36 pm

The Guide
1: Overview
Deadman Wonderland was previously Japan’s only private owned prison, built after the Great Tokyo Earthquake on ground zero. It gathered prisoners from all over Japan and raised money for the revival of the destroyed metropolis. But after a certain amount of time the prison was shut down. The prisoners and wardens moved to a new prison in England and began anew. To the public and the tourists that visit daily, Deadman Wonderland is a massive theme park-like castle run by the prison population. The warden and head of security current reside in the castle with the 100 most loyal inmates. Even though the castle is surrounded by land and water farms and a so called ‘carnival’ it is in reality a sick and twisted amusement park that the prisoners must run and compete in where they are on a regular basis killed and or maimed. This prison has multiple layers that are hidden under water to make escape more difficult. The layers run from A to H with an under ground greenhouse like farm between each which the prisoners run. But there is one more lever under the final greenhouse farm which was dubbed the Carnival Corpse, where wealthy anonymous donors can pay and bid on deadman to fight to the death and even bribe the prison warden to set up certain matchs. Deadmen that have been defeated but survive the match have to play a ‘penalty game.’ In it the loser rolls a slot like wheel that decides which body part or organ is removed and as the loser get a penalty game the winner gets a reward of cast points.

To keep riots from happening the prisoners wear Blood Collars, that inject them with a mild form of the Nameless Worm. Now...when and if they get out of line, riot or try to escape. These devices also have a certain type of needle and syringe in them that, when triggered, will send a small bomb into your neck, the small explosion will cause the inmates head to explode. As such any time they are allowed to move without fear of being blown up is when they are in the Carnival or Carnival corps, another way is by following the rules of the prison which allow you to have free roam inside the prison area. But prisoners have to be wary of certain over eccentric guards or staff since they are given free reign to punish inmates in any way they wish, Utilizing Cast Points, the prison's unique form of currency, prisoners can purchase a wide variety of items, from ordinary lunches, to luxurious furniture for their rooms, and even years off of their sentences. In the lower levels of the prison such as level G or H there are certain laboratories which the warden has where human experimentation is done on Deadmen and their lost body parts.

Back to the castle, it is surrounded by numerous walls and in between the walls there are scattered carnival rides and farms which is used for sustaining the castle and prison. The area has a large field which is used for the main attraction which happens to be the contest held every day for low number of cast points which audiences can watch. Together the carnival and castle prove to be tourist hotspots which brings in a large amount of income which is used for paying staff, getting supplies for repairs or building and medical. The entire area is surrounded by a large wall and to the back of the castle is what is called a water or fish farm where the inmates are trained to take care of, breed and farm numerous types of fish. The main type of plants and fish grown and bred are high in Vitamin B 12 and Iron to increase blood production so that the fights can last longer. Underwater there are a few net tunnels that lead to the lowest level of the prison, these tunnels serve to bring in the rich to view the Carnival Corps in person.

2. The Rules
- - - - - - G E N E R A L R U L E S - - - - - -

It's a factor that keeps all sites together. you will need respect for the site, respect for the staff team, respect for the site workers, and respect for everyone and everything else. disrespect will not be tolerated.

Staff Word is LAW
It doesn't matter if you're talking to an admin, a moderator, or a profile mod, staff is staff and they know what they're talking about. You need to listen to them, especially when it comes down to doing and not doing. We're not going to ask you to automatically respect them, but you need to listen. There is no if, ands, or buts about this. However, keep in mind that an admin's word is the final say.
If you have an issue with a staff member or don't quite agree with what they're saying, feel free to contact another staff member, but be prepared to argue for your side. If one staff says no for a very good reason, like it not being allowed at this time then do NOT go behind their backs and ask someone else if it is. The staff does talk to one another, and we don't quite appreciate it.

Common sense
While some people might be unfortunate enough not to have been born with it, is something that we all use in day to day life. Without it there would be a lot of strife. Use it here on the edge and you shouldn't have any problems.

Don't whine
There's nothing worse then having that one person on a site who is always coming onto the cbox and distressing over their woes. If you have a problem on the site, go pm your friend. If you have a problem with another member of the site, contact the admins. Don't go naming names, don't make the problem escalate.

Don't be a drama whore
Don't go around causing it or make it come to you. It's unflattering and annoying to watch, and definitely not cool. People are just going to laugh at you.

Be mindful of others
This applies to their sexuality, gender, race, and their over all person. We're all different, we all have different views and opinions. If someone doesn't appreciate bad language, don't swear around them. If they don't like your jokes, apologize and don't go on with them. Simple as that.

Don't be an absolute potty mouth. We're aiming for a safe, mature community. We can understand that people do swear, we do as well, but we won't tolerate you swearing your head off constantly.

Deadman Wonderland Knowledge
This IS a Deadman Wonderland role play site. Some knowledge is needed, but we will explain if need be. However, there is a buffer since this is out of canon, and an ENTIRE new story so please ask questions and have fun.

Simply, don't do it. Spamming is posting in the same thread over and over, posting things that don't relate to the topic at hand over and over, and just being an all around pain. It doesn't matter if it's on boards or in the cbox, you will be banned if the mods see it.

Don't be a douchebag.
Be welcoming to everyone in the chat box.
Have fun!

3. Useful Terms

The life of a prisoner is, all in all, fairly even, depending on how well one is at avoiding trouble. To follow all the rules, participate in a good number of events, and generally be easy going is to lead a half decent life in prison; after all, Cast aren’t too hard to come by, and if you aren’t on Death Row, you have no expensive obligations concerning purchases! Of course, for every rule-follower, which are rare indeed in prison, there are the true thugs. Operating just outside the guard’s eyes, these are the ones who bully others, steal Cast, and are generally crazy. Of course, while the thugs tend to live easy lives due to stolen Cast as well, they often have items on them considered ‘illegal’ in DW, and therefore are subject to harsh punishments if the guards see any slightest hint of wrongdoing.

For Death Row prisoners, things are a bit more hectic. Not only must they buy ‘Candy’ every third day to keep the Nameless Worm from infecting them, but if a crime large enough is committed, they could very well be killed at any time by any of the higher-ranking guards. Likewise, however, these thugs can get by more on reputation then physical work, garnering more Cast from their targets then they would if they were the regular thug… but again, if one is caught threatening other inmates, who knows what terrible fate may await?

Deadmen are those who have been infected by the Nameless Worm and gives them the ability to manipulate their own blood. These Deadmen are brought into the custody of Deadman Wonderland and locked in a special section of the prison labeled with a "G" and have no interaction with average prisoners, aside from the occasional paid-for visit to the rest of the prison.

These Deadmen are forced to participate in events known as 'Carnival Corpse' by the Director. At Carnival Corpse, they are pitted in battle against other Deadmen. The winner is rewarded with a massive amount of Cast, but the looser looses a limb or in most cases, their life.
The collars on the Deadmen stopped administering the poison, leaving them with a while lot of cash and no obligation to buy 'candy'.

Branches of Sin
The Branches of Sin are the powers each Deadman has, allowing them to use their own blood in order to use incredible powers, the likes of which can hardly be imagined by the average human. Usually, the Deadman can train his powers, to better understand how to use them or perhaps be more conservative with them; after all, if one were to use their powers too much, they may die of blood loss, a fate nobody wants. Various forms of this power exist, from creating blades to shooting ‘bullets’ to even making whips; who knows what sort of other powers may exist?

The Undertakers are prisoners that have been driven insane and brainwashed. These are Highly Ranked guards that reside in the Sectors known only as G and H. The Undertakers are armed with weapons and armor capable of disabling Deadmen Branches of Sin powers.

4. Candy/Cast Points
Candy is a bitter, hard "medicine" that takes the shape of any normal kind of sweet. It is the temporary cure to the Nameless Worm injected into prisoner's body from their necklaces. As it is only temporary, Candy is very valuable (100,000 CP) and must be taken every three days, so it isn't uncommon for the stronger prisoners to steal from the weak. If not taken, the body will cease to function and a painful death comes soon after.

Candy can also be obtained by winning some of the normal contest of Deadman Wonderland or by winning in a Carnival Corpse.

Cast Points are the form of currency within Deadman Wonderland with one cast point equaling the same amount as one yen/dollar as like regular currency Cast Points can be received from doing a certain job or winning a contest.

Similar to the anime, there will be a cast point system here on the board. The cast will be known as "Money" for now. Everyone will earn cast points and spend them all the same. Cast points are used to buy various things such as candy to keep your character alive and well, an upgraded cell to live in, or even a simple meal. There will be a specific board put up where you can go to spend your cast points. There are things you are able to buy both In Character and Out of Character. The lists will be updated regularly and more items may be added upon request.

The only way to earn cast points is to post in RP areas. With each RP post, your cast point (money) count will raise +25. While this may not seem like a lot, there are events both IC and OOC where you'll be able to earn more if you choose to participate.

Ways to Earn Cast Points
Rping = 25 Cast Points per post.
DW Staff = 4000 Cast Points when accepted.
Winning the Dog Show Race = 100,000 Cast Points
Carnival Corpse Winner = 1,000,000 Cast Points

OOC Earnings
Finished Character Application (not going over the minium requirements) = 5 Cast Points
Finished Character Application (going over minium requirements) = 15 Cast Points
100th Rp Post = 50 Cast Points
Win Member of the Month = 100 Cast Points

-More ways to earn coming soon-

The Branches of Sin are the powers each Deadman has, allowing them to use their own blood in order to achieve incredible powers, the likes of which can hardly be imagined by the average human. Usually, the Deadman can train his powers, to better understand how to use them or perhaps be more conservative with them; after all, if one were to use their powers too much, they may die of blood loss, a fate nobody wants. Various forms of this power exist, from creating blades to shooting ‘bullets’ to even making whips; who knows what sort of other powers may exist?

Each ability is recognized according to a Tier System, this helps to explain how strong and the sort of characteristics they can have. The Tier System uses a Letter Rank; D, C, B, A and S Rank. Each Rank has its own description going from lowest to highest, meaning D-Rank are the weakest and simplest abilities where as S-Rank are the strongest and most amazing abilities.

6. Stats
Statistics, or Stats, are a part of your characters combat ability. They are used to represent how strong, fast, durable and accurate your character is. Whether they are are weak or tough, your Stats will determine that. Each and every character has four Statistics and they are; Strength, Accuracy, Stamina and Speed (SASS). Each Statistic represents a different combat ability of your character. Statistics are most used in battle, but should be taken into account during regular roleplay.

Upon creating your character you start with 45 Stat Points to distribute between the four Stats as you see fit. You gain Stat Points by purchasing them with Cast Points, more about that is located in the Cast Points section. You may also gain Stat Points via a site event. Please note that a Statistic must have at least 1 in it.

Strength represents your characters physical power, how much they can lift and how strong they are. A high number in Strength means that a character is more physically stronger compared to a character with a lower number in Strength.

Accuracy represents your characters perception, how coordinated they are, how fast they are to see and aim. A high number in Accuracy means that a character is more likely to hit more often or notice something more compared to a character with a lower number in Accuracy.

Stamina represents your characters durability, how much their body can sustain before they become exhausted or need to heal. A high number in Stamina means a character can withstand more of a beating compared to a character with a lower number in Stamina.

Speed represents your characters overall quickness, how fast they are to react, how fast they can attack and even how fast they can run. A high number in Speed means a character is more likely to avoid an attack compared to a character with a lower number in Speed.

-Guides Will Be Added Later-

Thank you for reading your standard guide. Please enjoy the candy inside, and feel free to use the map included to explore the cell blocks.
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Getting Started/DW Guide of Life
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