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 Isaac Hirasowa (WIP)

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PostSubject: Isaac Hirasowa (WIP)   Isaac Hirasowa (WIP) EmptyTue Mar 26, 2013 12:14 am

Name: Isaac Hirasowa (The red beast)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5feet 4 inches
Weight: 109 pounds
Rank: Deadman
Cellblock: Echo

Appearance: Isaac has short white hair and has a strong resemblance to his older brother, he often wears black sneakers and bluej eans and a white t shirt. Like his brother he has blood red eyes and his hair falls just past his ears. He has a necklace that matches his brothers except his cystal is a very dark red almost black but has the tendency to change into a light sky blue from time to time.

Personality: He tends to keep to himself and is quiet but he is never afraid. Infact the only thing that truly scares him is his BoS which he discovered a few years before he went to the DW. He can be extremely friendly and will talk to most people if he feels he can trust him because hes had a sense of dependence on people who remind him of his brother.

Detailed History: (More back story in Ashers profile) His story truly begins the day he and Ash were separated. Isaac (whom ash believes to be dead) is rushed to the hospital after his brother massacres everyone in the store. After being saved at the hospital they look into his background and find out hes a foster child. Wanting to avoid going back the an orphanage Isaac ran away. He was living off of ehatever he could steal or whatever people could ive him but what killed him most inside was his speration from his brother, he didn't know where he was or if he was even alive and this sorrow reflects of his BoS. One day he was in the play ground alon when some bullies came and began to pick on poor Isaac. They beat him till he could no longer stand but soon the blood had washed over his body and then emerged the beast. After killing the bullies the police arrived and everyone in the park screamed. After Isaac was detained and sent to DW.

Strength: 14
Accuracy: 8
Stamina: 12
Speed: 11

Deadman Nickname: Beast/ The red beast

Branch of Sin Name: Blood beast
Branch of Sin Description: The blood beast in unqie in the way that it will force itself out of the user and covers them completely changing there outer form itself. The blood will envelop the users head and take the form a a wolf/foxes head and when it opens its mouth the users face can be seen (Its kinda like a helmet). After that the blood Envelopes the torso and arms forming animal like paws and claws, three claws per arm. After the head torso and arms are covered it envelops the legs and forms hind legs like a wolf or fox the beast is slender to the point of the somewhat muscular torso. Once the body is completely covered it begins to form a long tail that decends in size till the tip (think of a charizards tail without the flame). The blood beast ca act as an armor protecting itself from some blows such as punches but not bullets or swords. More tails will grow as it gets stronger (Its a medium to slow progression)

Branch of Sin Abilities

Name: Blood beast transformation Stage 1
Rank: C
Description: The blood beast emerges over the user only forming the arms head and tail of the beast. The beasts claws are like daggers as well as the tail can be used to pierce through unprotected enemies. (meaning most things that don't have armor)

Isaac Hirasowa (WIP) _mmd_newcomer__naruto_4_tails__kyuubi_mode__by_m0fd-d59xl6h

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Isaac Hirasowa (WIP)
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