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DW-Redux is a Deadman Wonderland based RP where you live the life of a Deadman fighting to be the Ultimate victor of Carnival Corpse. The Blood Shall Set You Free
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 Furniture Shop

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Furniture Shop Empty
PostSubject: Furniture Shop   Furniture Shop EmptyThu Mar 07, 2013 1:23 pm

The Furniture Shop Owner lives on the Road in the higher areas so he has access to everything that goes in and out of DW. He is a sleazy old man that will stop at nothing to oggle his eyes a young woman. He does have some good stuff for sell though...if you got the coin that is.

Current Stock as of 3/7/13
X 2 Deadman Wonderland Branded Recliner(+4 Stamina) - 75,000 CP
X 2 Comfy Sofa(+2 Stamina) - 50,000 CP
X 2 Comfy Chair(+2 Stamina) - 50,000 CP
X 10 Deadman Wonderland Branded Stadium Seat(Collapsable)(+1 Stamina) - 10,000 CP

The Furniture Shop Owner comes around dressed nicely with nails sticking out of his gloves, blood on the counter he laughs as he looks at you. "Yeah, what the hell do you want, buy something or get the FUCK out! I got a lot of merchandise to sell, and Cast Points to make."
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Furniture Shop
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