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DW-Redux is a Deadman Wonderland based RP where you live the life of a Deadman fighting to be the Ultimate victor of Carnival Corpse. The Blood Shall Set You Free
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 Done (Asher hirasowa/Sparrow)

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Done   (Asher hirasowa/Sparrow) Empty
PostSubject: Done (Asher hirasowa/Sparrow)   Done   (Asher hirasowa/Sparrow) EmptyMon Mar 04, 2013 10:27 pm

Name: Asher hirasowa/Sparrow
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: six feet one inch
Weight: one hundred fifty pounds
Rank: Deadman
Cellblock: Delta

Appearance: He is five feet and eight inches weighing at one hundreds and twenty pounds. He has snow white hair and blood red eyes. He has a small scar across his cheek other than that a clean complexion. He wears black jeans and a black jacket and a red shirt. The only informal thing he wears s his fine black shoes. One of his only accessories is the necklace he wears around his neck. Its a black string and at the end is a small light green crystal.

Personality: He tends to remain quite docile unless provoked, he isn't known for loosing his cool but he tends to be sarcastic and a bit of a smart-ass when it comes to authority or people who think they are better than everyone else. He doesn't usually like to pick fights unless he has to but tends to give a lot of "empty" threats.

Detailed History: He was arounf the age of ten when he was living in the orphanage with his younger brother Isaac, the orphanage had not been well maintained and most the kids were neglected, it was more of a prison than a orphanage. At least in Ashers eyes, he always looked after his little brother Isaac, who was six at the time. As time passed the orphanage became more and more unstable as most of the kids were neglected by the "care takers". That's when Asher decided it was time to go, late one night he took his little brother and ran away without taking a single thing with them except the close on their backs and the special necklace asher had received from his father before he had died. Years went on and Asher and Isaac had to resort to stealing just to survive.
One night during one of their "heists" Isaac was killed by a shop clerk whom they had been trying to steal from. Asher was in a quiet rage, this was when he first discovered his powers, he blacked out and massacred everyone in the small conveyance store. The police quickly arrived to find asher on his knees holding his brothers dead body in his arms the entire room covered in blood.

Stats: You have 45 to spend wherever you like, and all stats must have at least 1 point
Strength 10
Accuracy 10
Stamina 10
Speed 15

Deadman Nickname: Sparrow

Branch of Sin Name: Blood Blades
Branch of Sin Description: When the user is bleeding he can turn his blood into long sharp blades but a open wound is needed unless the blood blades pierce from his skin.

Branch of Sin Abilities:

Name: Bloody Knuckles
Rank: D
Description: Asher's blood pushes itself out of his knuckles and forms small claw like blades that reach up to two inches in length and one inch in width.

Name: Crimson kick
Rank: D
Description: A blood blade emerges from the top of ashers foot or the bottom or ankle from that point when he kicks the blade could cut through the opponent. The blades are usually 3 inches in length and 2 in width

Name: Knife throw
Rank: D
Description: through cuts in his arms or hands he swings his arms materializing the blood into a bleed at precise timing launching it out of the wound and at a target. The largest knives he can throw are only four inches long and tw inches thick in the shape of crescents

Name: Gwaed Sexy Jutsu
Rank: B
Description: Using ones blood the User wraps itself in the blood changing their body into a naked person of the opposite gender. Can be used as a disguise, distraction, or...for the lolz

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Done (Asher hirasowa/Sparrow)
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