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 Volk, Luke. [Bat] (Alt)

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Volk, Luke. [Bat] (Alt) Empty
PostSubject: Volk, Luke. [Bat] (Alt)   Volk, Luke. [Bat] (Alt) EmptyMon Mar 25, 2013 7:09 am

Name: Luke Volk
Deadman Nickname: Bat
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Rank: Deadman
Cellblock: Echo

A man on the shorter side of things, but no less a threat. Muscular without being overly buff. His skin was that of a man who got out in the sun but didn't tan. He has emerald green eyes, and deep brown hair that is usually found in very small but thick ponytail, and some bangs. On his face is a patch of faicial hair that stays only on his chin.

Just under his lip was a small silver ball, a piercing. In his right ear he had two piercings, cuffs that were connecting by a thing chain, in his left was a single cuff matching the other two but had nothing special about it.

On his back in ink was a very decrative 'V' followed by 'olK' in fairly normal text, a prideful tribute to his success. Except for scars from games, including a time or two in the penalty game, he was otherwise untouched.

He was still attractive with his strong jaw, broad shoulders, and tall walk about him, but he managed to pull off frightening as well with the silent treatment and the "get away from me" stare he gives to everyone.

While he's known for not talking Luke was a pretty good conversationlist, as long as it doesn't envolve anything personal. He was strong, no doubt about it, but inside he was often depressed. Prison taught him to trust no one, but he was self-sacrificing when it came to people he cared about, usually blaming himself first and running away afterwards. Its hard to tell if he's still anything like that, but only because he doesn't get close anymore.

Detailed History:
His father's side comes from the depths of Russia while his mother's side comes from the deep south in America, or at least according to the past 5 generations..

Luke owned his own company, and was the one and only Luke Volk. A man who rose to the top on his own. Many would like to blame his success on his grandfather's reputation, while other's called him a bastard who couldn't be the ledgendary Joe Karrington's blood. And he'd like to blame the haters for why he moved away from New York to Paris, but it wasn't. He just needed a new muse, since his old one had moved on.

Luke is one of the few people in the prision who didn't really do anything. He was on his way to his Mustang one night, when he heard a woman scream. The tabloids liked to take pictures of him and paint lables on him like "playboy" cause he didn't have the same girl on his arm at clubs, the truth was that he lost a girl he truely loved, but even if he was half as bad as the papers tried to say he was he would have still gone to help her. In fact, the only way he wouldn't have gone to help, is if he knew what he knew now, and even then he would probably go. Just better prepared for what happened.

Actually he wasn't sure what happened after that, cause he was knocked out from behind. But what the authorities say he did was brutally murdered a family he never even met. But when he, or rather his lawyer, argued, they would bring up that he was known to do drugs. And even though he hadn't taken anything that night, let alone an asprin, a bunch of narcotics had been found in his urine the night he had been arrested. He still had no motive... He had all the money in the world, didn't know a damn thing about who these people were, and by the end of the very short trial, they decided that his motive didn't exist, but he did kill them 'cause of the drugs.

Luke has recieved a very cushioned job of creating costumes for the carnival, uniforms for the guards, and outfits for other Deadman. His freetime is spent swimming, practicing his blade, and lifting weights..

He's earned himself a reputation of being difficult to defeat, the ones that were able to bring him down, were simply, stronger. But they all said he gave them a run for their money, that it wasn't easy in the least. Outside the ring he was known for being a loner who likes to be alone. There was also an advantage of being a Deadman, none of the regular inmates fucked with him.

Branch of Sin Name: Vampire
Details: Absorbes and munipulates sny other sources of blood as if it were his own.

Branch of Sin Abilities:

Name: Leech Shield
Rank: C
Description: His blood takes the form of a rough disk that was more or less a shield. Against normal weapons it was tough to beat, only high powered guns could break it, but never pierce it. Against other BoS's it simply absorbes the other Deadman's blood, which he can then munipulate to increase the size, thickness, and/or strength of his shield. (Any blood left behind by anyone is also free game to use for his abilities.)

- Strength: 20
- Accuracy: 5
- Stamina: 15
- Speed: 10

- Some kind of blade.
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Volk, Luke. [Bat] (Alt) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Volk, Luke. [Bat] (Alt)   Volk, Luke. [Bat] (Alt) EmptyTue Mar 26, 2013 12:12 am

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Volk, Luke. [Bat] (Alt)
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