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DW-Redux is a Deadman Wonderland based RP where you live the life of a Deadman fighting to be the Ultimate victor of Carnival Corpse. The Blood Shall Set You Free
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 Nola (deadman)

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Name: Nola
Race: Deadman
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PostSubject: Nola (deadman)   Nola (deadman) EmptyTue Mar 12, 2013 9:47 pm

Name: Nola (never mentions her last name)
Height: 7'6"
Weight:(doesn't say but she does weigh in at around 258b due to muscle tone and body height)

Appearance:Nola stands quite an imposing height, towering over most people, her waist long earth brown hair framing her feminine face, despite her size she is well proportioned, that only adding to the imposing looks of the nearly amazonian woman, her deep brown eyes always seem to have a kind look to them, thought sad at the same time, and her skin is naturally tanned looking, though her time in the prison has faded it somewhat, but she maintains a healthy look as much as she can.

Clothing wise Nola tends to wear white or blue colored clothing, tending towards white with blue secondary colorings and sometimes gold colored trims if she can find it, always wearing long sleeved collard sweaters, and simple slacks or bluejeans with shoes that are comfortable and functional, her size making her clothing hard to find and most are actually hand made by the tall woman, thought they are made with a great degree of skill.

Personality:A caring person, very motherly towards others, and caring, she tends to put others before herself, which considering where she is, is a rarity, she does however realize that she must protect herself in order to help more people, so she will fight if she absolutely has to, but only ever fights to knock out or exhaust her opponents.

Detailed History:Nola has actually had access to her BoS for quite some time, and was using it while homeless to help others, as she got better she managed to find an abandoned building and set up a make shift little clinic there for the homeless, this eventually lead to others finding out of the place and soon her little clinic turned into an actual establishment that helped the homeless and the poor, Nola having actually been able to make money now had gotten a small home for herself and began making donations to food banks hostels and other charities, sadly that all came to an end when she was arrested several years ago for malpractice and technically illegal medical practices, she has been in deadman wonderland ever since, but she never stopped her work, even in that prison she continued to do what she could to help others especially the losers of punishment games, her abilities having grown through her use and refinement of them, though sadly she knows she cannot give her healing out for free anymore, as this is a violent place and even people like her are targeted by others wanting to lash out, her talents are usually a closely guarded secret among the deadmen some wanting the insurance of never having to worry about losing body parts, and some to protect her from the ones that might try to harm her, others because they feel they owe her for the things they have gotten back thanks to her.

Strength: 4
Accuracy: 5
Stamina: 31
Speed: 5

Deadman Nickname: Mother bird

Branch of Sin Name: Lonely Martyr
Branch of Sin Description: by using her own blood the user can heal and ever replace lost body parts of OTHER people, this costs her her blood as it fully replaces what was injured or missing in others, but she can regain lost blood over time

Branch of Sin Abilities:
Name: Restoration
Rank: C
Description: by sacrificing her own blood she can rebuild smaller parts of a body, healing wounds and even replacing lost portions, the more blood she uses the more she can heal or replace.
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PostSubject: Re: Nola (deadman)   Nola (deadman) EmptyTue Mar 12, 2013 9:51 pm

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Nola (deadman)
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