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 Dove (Jenkin, Skye)

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PostSubject: Dove (Jenkin, Skye)   Dove (Jenkin, Skye) EmptySat Mar 09, 2013 4:35 pm

Name: Skye Jenkin
Deadman Nickname: Dove
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: n/a
Rank: Deadman (Currently Inactive)
Cellblock: Delta

Long, thick, blue hair that is often tied off at the base of her neck or at her shoulder blades with a bow, and her eyes were a deep green. Her skin is cream colored, and her lean bares what time has yet to erase: faint scaring from past fights.

In a fight or in an everyday situation, she's confident above all things. When calm and cool-headed she could be considered genius and coy, while under the influence of a lost temper she could be considered fairly unpredictable and insane. Naturally charismatic, she often gets what she wants just with a conversation and maybe some light flirting. Her willpower, determination, and an extreamly high tolerence for pain gives her the edge she needs to take on challenges, physical or not. That said, she is willing to do a lot for what she needs, or wants.

-History- (WIP)
The only child of a common fisherman who lost his wife but gained a daughter, Skye grew up watching her father kill himself to make a poor living for the two of them. She was introduced

Strength - 8
Accuracy - 8
Stamina - 17
Speed - 12

Branch of Sin: Crimson Chain-Hooks
Description: Sickle hooks on the end of long chains used for long distance combat, as well as grapples. Attached to her wrists.

-Branch of Sin Abilities-

Name: Sickle
Rank: D
Description: A sickle or a pair of sicles form in her hand(s), attached to her wrist by chains, the length of the chains can be as long as they need to be.

Name: Grapple
Rank: D
Description: Launches her sickle(s) foward from her wrists. Used to grapple around an opponet or an object.

Name: Extended Reach
Rank: D
Description: Chain(s) become stiff and becomes pole like, acting much like extended handles to the sickle(s).

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Dove (Jenkin, Skye)
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