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 Kana Shiro, The Mockingbird

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Character sheet
Name: Kana Shiro
Race: Deadman
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PostSubject: Kana Shiro, The Mockingbird   Kana Shiro, The Mockingbird EmptySat Mar 09, 2013 3:27 pm

Name: Kana Shiro
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 94 lbs.
Rank: Deadman
Cellblock: Delta

Appearance: Avi

Personality: Kana is usually a nice and loving girl who has an insatiable love for sweets and friends. Shes also quite energetic and bubbly which can be seen by her habit of running around and trying to make friends. Even thought shes nice and loving and usually well mannered she can be quite rude at times but its unintentional and most people are like that. But even though this is how she is most of the time she has formed a second personality due to past events in her childhood.

This second personality comes out when ever she feels threatened or endanger such as being hit. It tends to be quite sadistic with a blood lust and when it comes out she usually gets covered in blood. As she is like this she is literally rude and belligerent as she's quick to take offense and gives it. She hates being compared to her other kinder personality when she's like this.

Detailed History: Kana's parents were two of the original Deadman from Japan's Deadman Wonderland. She was born with a Branch of Sin that her parents suppressed and worked to kept suppressed. As a loving and trusting, energetic girl she began to attend school when by the time she turned six. She quickly made many friends and talked and ran playfully. She was happy with this life for many years till a new transfer student appeared. She was fourteen when he transferred in, he was mean and abusive to anyone who crossed his path.

Kana soon became the target of his attacks and harassment and she went a full year with being beaten up and bullied by him. Each day she'd go home crying and her parents would be worried since the suppression of her Branch of Sin became harder and harder. Finally one day she was back to her usual cheery self, in an eery sort of way which worried them greatly.

That day would signal the change of the rest of her life. When she went to school in the way she used to enraged the boy for some odd reason. Early that morning the kids moved to the other side of the room as the boy cornered her and began hitting her. After the first punch she whimpered before smiling and laughing gleefully. Astonished the boy made the mistake of backing up and staring at her.

That was when she grabbed the scissors and proceeded to stab him laughing as the blood sprayed onto her before he fell limply. It toke little to no time for the sadistic girl to turn her attention to the other students and began to attack them as well. It toke an hour for the police to arrive and restrain her. In that time she killed twelve of her classmates, giggling all the while.

The abolished police toke her into custody and then to court where she was quickly sentenced. She was to spend a life sentence in England's new prison, Deadman Wonderland. By the time she was transferred she was back to being her normal self.

Strength: 8
Accuracy: 13
Stamina: 12
Speed: 12

Branch of Sin Name: Ocular Extinction
Branch of Sin Description: This BoS allows its user to have enhanced perception as it allows her to copy or mimic moves to a degree. But for decency's sake it has a secondary ability, one that analyzes and perceives the make up of a BoS or ability which makes the copying or mimicking possible.

Branch of Sin Abilities:

Name: Bloodied Eyes
Rank: C
Description: This turns her eyes crimson as a small sphere of blood that takes the appearance of an eye floats around her. This allows her to copy D rank moves temporarily even though the eye can be used as an attack for finish the move.
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Kana Shiro, The Mockingbird   Kana Shiro, The Mockingbird EmptySat Mar 09, 2013 5:29 pm

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Kana Shiro, The Mockingbird
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