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 Clothing Store

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PostSubject: Clothing Store   Clothing Store EmptyThu Mar 07, 2013 4:55 pm

The Clothing Store is a premier store located along the west wall of the Tokyo Road, and has a seperate shop on all three Roads in DW. The store is stocked with some of the most sought after designer products...as well as the ones ost sought after by the gangs, and inmates. The manager of it all is aman convicted of fraud, with a rap sheet twice as large as he is tall, this man is always very well dressed....and is always loaded with the most Cast Points.

Items in stock as of 3/7/13

Normal clothes
X 50 RE-Branded Deadman Wonderland Jumpsuit(Unisex) - 1,000 CP
X 50 Women's We Love Deadmen Jumpsuit(Women) - 1,000 CP
X 50 Branded Deadmen Rule Leather Jacket(Unisex) - 950 CP
X 50 Crow Vs Woodpecker trucker Cap(Unisex) - 800 CP
X 50 Designer Dress Shoes(Unisex) - 750 CP
X 50 Mockingbird bracelet(Women) - 500 CP
X 50 Contraband Hoodies(Unisex) - 250 CP
X 50 Casual Suit(Men) - 200 CP

Speciality Clothes
X 1 Modified Deadman Wonderland Prison Collar "Deadman's Gamble"(allows 7 Days before you need candy, but if you miss, the dose is stronger) - 500,000 CP
X 10 The Devils 666 Branded Leather Jacket(Unisex)( +10 Strength +5 Stamina) - 350,000 CP
X 2 "Wretched Egg" Jumpsuit(Women)(Gives Regen Ability) - 350,000 CP
X 1 "Crow's Eyepatch(Men)(Gives Spacial Awareness Ability +20 Strength) - 350,000 CP
X 1 Deadman's Gloves(Unisex)(Gives Regen Blood Ability) - 150,000 CP

The Sharp Dressed man enters the shop and bows to introduce himself. "Welcome welcome to my sanctuary. Please look around...do not touch unless you want to buy...or you risk loosing your pretty little limbs." He says with a big smile.
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Clothing Store
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